About us

Astrans has been operating since 1989. We regularly deal with large Italian, German, France, Denmark and other European companies and corporations. Facing new expectations, our company is constantly developing. That is why all our trucks are equipped with GPS car monitoring systems, which enables precise monitoring and communication with our drivers.

We are proud of our fleet is no more than 3 years old. We are ecologically oriented so our fleet has only Euro 5 and Euro 6 engine emissions.

ASTRANS has a permanent permission for oversized cargo transport up to 3 meters width and 22 meters in  length in Poland, Germany, France, Holland and Denmark. Thanks to our cooperation with the Austrian insurance company LUTZ Assekuranz, the transported goods are insured for the amount of 1 000 000 Euros. We also have  insurance enabling us to provide cabotage services i.e. (Germany-Germany, France-France, Denmark-Denmark etc.).

We are successful in completing any tasks and any new one is a challenge for us which we want to face. We specialize and are experienced in transport of:

  1. Steel sheets for wind energy facilities and ship construction;
  2. Goods designed for recycling (including paper);
  3. Construction steel and concrete elements for road and bridge construction;
  4. Building and agricultural machinery;

We also permanently cooperate with a company dealing with exotic animal trade;

Our aim is constant development followed by  ambitions of our coworkers combined with Andrzej Sojka’s experience.


We hope and we will do our best to achieve  long term cooperation.