Our company operates transportation and shipping since 1989 have all the rights and security in line with EU requirements. We provide transportation and shipping services across Europe. The composition of our fleet consists of:

  1. Kits – tractor with trailers MEGA with a lifting roof (boards) 13.6 – 24 t
  2. Kits – tractor trailers with a capacity of 95 – 97 m3 (boards) 13.6 – 24 t
  3. Kits – tractor-trailer a platform (120 cm from the ground) 13.6 – 24 t

In addition, all boards have semi-retractable rear pillars to the width of 3.5 meters, so we can carry loads of up to 3 meters wide under a tarpaulin.

Our fleet consists of vehicles not exceeding 3 years and meet the emission standard Euro 5 exhaust and noise. Tabor is monitored 24 hours.

Countries to which we transport:

  1. Poland
  2. Germany
  3. Czech Republic and Slovakia
  4. Austria
  5. Italy
  6. Slovenia
  7. Sweden
  8. Belgium
  9. The Netherlands
  10. France
  11. Spain
  12. England
  13. Norway

We operate in the transport industry for 23 years.

Our advantages are:

  1. The flexibility made ​​possible by the diversified fleet of cars
  2. The rate of delivery of cargo resulting from a double cast of drivers
  3. Continuous control of customer loads using GPS and GSM are in each truck
  4. Quick valuation services
  5. Freight forwarders and experienced drivers
  6. Extensive contacts with thoroughly tested and proven by our carriers